Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is about to spring on Monroe street!

Today was sunny with a high of 77; which makes it the coolest day on our seven day forecast. I am delighted with an early spring; but I wouldn't mind it if the weather decided to remain fairly constant for the next few months instead of moving promptly on to an early summer. Still, it will be exciting to see how much things green up over the next week. Especially since we got a lot of rain yesterday. So I have decided to take pictures around our yard today, and return again seven days from now to compare the growth.

The view of our front yardfront yard spring


The view of the south side of our yard
side spring

The view looking down the sidewalk on the south side of our yard. We have pear and apple trees on the inside of the fence, and redbud trees on the outside. Should be colorful in a few days!
row of trees

A closer view of buds on the pear tree
bud spring

A view of our dog Teddy beside the Garden. I doubt he will look much different in a week, but the grass in our yard might be greener.
teddy spring

There are obviously more things which I didn’t take pictures of, but I doubt they will change much. Who knows, maybe the grape vines will start budding early.

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