Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Is Going Green

At this point I expect that green is the only color we will be seeing a lot more of. There are still plants and flowers that have yet to display their full brilliance, but overall we are going green. Since the buds are done for the most part,  most of the updates on here will be tracking the progress of the trees and their leaves. All of these pictures were taken yesterday (March 26th), I just couldn’t find my camera cord to upload them.

The usual front and side shots

A look down Monroe street

A look down Grant street

And now a look at some of our leaves-in-progress

The Apple Tree


Sugar Maple

Hackberry (the big one) with a Silver Maple (Small one next to a car)


Grave Vine


I shall return next week. This really is exciting!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A warm Spring afternoon at Lake Shawnee

boats at shawnee

across the waters




We spent this warm Sunday afternoon having a picnic near Lake Shawnee. It is nice to see so much color in the world again! I find it hard to look back at my pictures of our brown winter when I can go outside and see such vividicity (real word? should be.).God is truly amazing! I would have liked to have taken close-ups of the many flowers and buds we saw; but I was using my camcorder which isn’t very good at that sort of thing. I will try to get some closer shots of things tomorrow when I take pictures for my weekly spring update.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has sprung!

I realize that more than a week has gone by since my last pictures; but it has been rainy the last few days and I wanted to take pictures on a day when the sun was out. The rain continues to fall, so I decided to go ahead and take my pictures a couple days late.

The view of our front yard

The view of the south side of our yard. (the first was taken several days ago since the pear tree was in full bloom. The second was taken today along with the rest of the pictures.)
The white buds have since mostly fallen off, being replaced by leaves of green.
grand old house

The fallen buds
fallen buds

The view looking down our sidewalk. The pear tree may be past its climax, but the redbuds are in full color.
row of trees

Another shot

And finally a look at the status of our grass in the approximate place where I took the picture of Teddy last week. It is much greener now.

Each day things seem to have taken a hug step in color and in growth. I plan on returning next week with pictures on the progress of the leaves on the trees. Even our oak tree is starting to leaf-out. I took a lot of pictures of our yard that are not included in this post. Maybe they will make it into a general spring summary post later. This has been just about the nicest spring I can ever remember!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is about to spring on Monroe street!

Today was sunny with a high of 77; which makes it the coolest day on our seven day forecast. I am delighted with an early spring; but I wouldn't mind it if the weather decided to remain fairly constant for the next few months instead of moving promptly on to an early summer. Still, it will be exciting to see how much things green up over the next week. Especially since we got a lot of rain yesterday. So I have decided to take pictures around our yard today, and return again seven days from now to compare the growth.

The view of our front yardfront yard spring


The view of the south side of our yard
side spring

The view looking down the sidewalk on the south side of our yard. We have pear and apple trees on the inside of the fence, and redbud trees on the outside. Should be colorful in a few days!
row of trees

A closer view of buds on the pear tree
bud spring

A view of our dog Teddy beside the Garden. I doubt he will look much different in a week, but the grass in our yard might be greener.
teddy spring

There are obviously more things which I didn’t take pictures of, but I doubt they will change much. Who knows, maybe the grape vines will start budding early.