Thursday, January 12, 2012

SNOW!!!!! sort of….

Today we got our first snow of the year. I was not able to measure exactly how deep it is; but I am going to estimate that it is nearly 1/4 of a centimeter.
snow house smll

This winter has been rather warm and dry. In fact the temperatures have been quite spring-like. pup snow smllNormally I would love having spring-ish weather for an few extra months of the year; but the scenery here in Kansas is still very brown, leafless, and un-spring-like. Although with this warm weather, we have had some wild onions starting to sprout. That normally doesn’t happen until March. You can actually see them in bottom right side of this picture of Yoga Bear. He is the last puppy left, and gets picked up on Monday. He turned two months old just three days ago; and his father Teddy turned 1 year old just yesterday. They celebrated their birthdays by playing tug-of-war.

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